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Quality Management

MDA Services offer a consultancy service to construction based industries who do not have the in-house resources or expertise to implement and control ISO9000:2000 Quality Management Systems (QMS).

QMS is a system of controls used by millions of companies throughout the world as a synthesis of good management practice.

The International Standard ISO9000:2000 consists of 5No. mandatory clauses with sub-clauses making a total of 22No, all of which have to be addressed in the system. The clauses are as follows:

  • Management Responsibility
  • A Quality System
  • Sales
  • Document Control
  • Purchasing
  • Design
  • Customer Property
  • Identification and Traceability
  • Process
  • Inspection and Test
  • Inspection and Test Status
  • Inspection and Measuring Equipment
  • Nonconforming Product
  • Corrective and Preventive Action
  • Handling and Storage
  • Quality Records
  • Auditing
  • Training
  • Servicing
  • Statistics
  • Customer Feedback
  • Internal Improvements

The process of obtaining accreditation from an approved body after developing all necessary documentation, implementing changes, obtaining client feedback, developing internal data on performance, setting improvement plans and measuring their effectiveness may take 6 months, but many companies have taken up to 9 months.

To assist companies in obtaining and maintaining accreditation, MDA Services offer a range of professional services including:

  • ISO9000:2000 Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Quality Manual Preparation
  • Quality Procedures Preparation
  • Work Instruction Preparation
  • Auditing
  • Pre-assessment Audits
  • Audit Training

For a comprehensive analysis of your needs and a cost estimate to develop a system to meet your requirements, contact MDA Services.